Enjoy One of the Great Walks in American Golf

Boston Golf Club is home to one of America’s most highly regarded golf courses, designed by acclaimed architect Gil Hanse. Gil's appreciation for the game's roots in the British Isles and his minimalist course design philosophy are evident in this elegant design. The result is a classic venue where walking is preferred and the physical and mental aspects of the game challenge every golfer.

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Creation of the course

In the fall of 1998, two avid golfers discussed their desire to create a golf-only club within a 20-minute drive of Boston. Rob Ketterson and John Mineck had never met before, but soon discovered they had a lot in common, including their philosophy on golf. BGC would be a unique place offering an old-world style golf experience with values that reflected the way golf was played during its golden age.

History of the logo

Boston is widely known as the “Cradle of Liberty” because it was the birthplace of the American Revolution. A series of actions,— notably the Boston Massacre of 1770 and the pivotal Boston Tea Party in 1773,— galvanized support for the movement towards independence and sparked the Revolution. These events were organized and undertaken by a band of true Boston patriots; revolutionary colonists who organized the first secret society to spring up the colonies. Call them rebels, call them ardent agitators, call them Americans,— they called themselves The Sons of Liberty. When they wanted to call the “true born” Sons of Liberty together, a flag was flown from the Liberty Tree. Scholars consider this flag to be the oldest surviving instance of the red-and-white stripe design; a design that would be the inspiration for the American flag...and a flag that made history.

The Founding Team

John Mineck - The Craftsman

John assembled a team who embraced a minimalist style of golf course design, where the course would flow over the natural shape of the landscape. Led by John, this team created BGC for those who shared his commitment, passion, and integrity. His golf life culminated with the realization of a vision he had cultivated for years - an extraordinary private club that is a testament to the spirit and purity of the game.

Rob Ketterson - The Partner

Rob wanted to create a classic golf club that mirrored the best attributes that the great clubs in Great Britain and Ireland had to offer. Make no mistake about it, without Rob, BGC would not have happened. 

Gil Hanse - The Architect

Gil's early work at BGC quickly ushered him into the pantheon of elite golf course designers. He has patiently nurtured his reputation and craft by continuing to design and restore, to worldwide acclaim, some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.

Guest Information

We are delighted to welcome you to Boston Golf Club. We know that your round will be more enjoyable when you observe the traditions which make our club unique. Our staff dedicates itself to providing personalized service to all members and guests, and the following guidelines ensure that everyone enjoys an unparalleled golf experience.

Experience one of the great walks in American Golf.....
  • Boston Golf Club promotes walking, and caddies will be made available. 
  • All players should use a carry bag that is suitable for caddie use.
  • All groups are asked to adhere to a pace of play that does not exceed 4 hours and 15 minutes. Caddies will assist golfers in maintaining this pace.
  • Locker rooms and guest lockers are provided for changing clothes and shoes.
  • Proper golf attire is required (mocks, cargo shorts, and denim are prohibited).
  • Shirts should be tucked in at all times.
  • Hats must be worn facing forward and should be removed in the Main House and Grille Room.
  • Conversations on a mobile device is permitted in the parking lot and locker rooms only.
  • Checking a mobile device is permitted anywhere on the property, but only if it is done in a discreet manner.  In consideration of other members and guests, devices must be in silent or vibrate mode.